3 steps to find a ministry job

I’ll be honest. There aren’t 3 magical steps to find a vocational ministry position. That said, here are three wise steps you can take to move you further down the job path.

1. Talk to God

Captain Obvious, right? Maybe not.

All too often we get caught up trying to figure out all the things we need to get a pastoral or ministry job. But, let us not forget that we actually want to get a job in ministry!

So, ask God for the help and wisdom you need.

2. Talk to People

For my second church job, doing church administration and college ministry, I was simply calling a pastoral friend to ask for prayer and counsel. I explained my current job situation, my passions, and where I thought I might be headed. At the end of the conversation, he invited me to visit with him. Eventually, he offered me a job.

I wasn’t calling to ask him for a job, but through the relationships an opportunity presented itself.

Ask yourself, who can I call and talk to about my desire for ministry? They might not offer you a job, but they might know someone who can.

3. Talk About Yourself

Humbly, of course.

In all seriousness, you need to get your resume online. Of course, you can post your ministry resume online for free here at Church-Jobs.org and that is a great start. But, look for other places as well, like LinkedIn and on your own blog or website.

Then, don’t be shy. Post a link to your ministry candidate profile on your Facebook page, Twitter, or via an old-fashioned email.

Get the word out that you’re available!

That’s it. Three easy steps you could take right now. They aren’t magic, but they will help you move one step closer to finding a church job!

Got any suggestions of your own? Post them in the comments below.

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One thought on “3 steps to find a ministry job

  1. Eric Clopton on Reply

    My advice is to never give up. I am an associate minister at my church, I’m about to graduate with my PHD in Theology and it seems that most churches will only hires those who are leaving a church as pastor in order to come to their church. I have faithfully served and I have tons of experience in all aspects of ministry. My resume gets little to no attention but God is so faithful

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