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      We help connect those who are calling with those who are called. Whether you're looking for a job as a senior pastor, children's minister, worship pastor, executive pastor, or you looking to fill one of these positions, we're here to help. Just click a button to get started:

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      What is an Executive Pastor and Do We Need One?

      Getting people to agree on the definition of an Executive Pastor is about as easy as nailing spaghetti to the wall. The reason seems to be that every Executive Pastor’s job description is different. And, therein lies the beauty and blessing of having an Executive Pastor. The Executive Pastor & The Lead Pastor As I

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      Diving Into the Candidate Pool

      Whether you are searching for a church job or your a church searching for an employee, you need to know that there are a lot of candidates out there. My mom’s small church in the hills of North Georgia posted a job on a church job board looking for a senior pastor about a year ago. This

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      3 steps to find a ministry job

      I’ll be honest. There aren’t 3 magical steps to find a vocational ministry position. That said, here are three wise steps you can take to move you further down the job path. 1. Talk to God Captain Obvious, right? Maybe not. All too often we get caught up trying to figure out all the things we need

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